Lipogen Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement – Keeps You Calm and Relaxed in Stressful Situations, Enhances Mood. Non-Drowsy Formula, Stay Sharp & Focused.

Lipogen Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement – Keeps You Calm and Relaxed in Stressful Situations, Enhances Mood. Non-Drowsy Formula, Stay Sharp & Focused.

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Product Description

Lipogen Anxiety & Stress Relief SupplementLipogen Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement

Lipogen PSPA – Premium Formula for Stress Relief: Stay Calm, Sharp, Focused and Positive in Stressful Situations


Lipogen Stress Relief

Lipogen Stress Relief

Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement

Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement

Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement

Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement

Stay calm and focused

Relax under pressure
Decrease tension
Lower anxiety

Lower physical stress signs

Balance stress hormone levels
Reduce fatigue
Support your immune system

Boost performance under stress

Improve concentration
Manage stressful events
Cope with chronic stress

LIPOGEN Anxiety & Stress Relief Supplement Facts


Lipogen PSPA is a patented scientific formula that helps manage cortisol stress-response hormone levels, so you’re prepared to defend effectively against stressors. This nootropic supports optimized healthy nerve- and brain-cell structure and function.


Lipogen PSPA is key to new cell growth, cell repair and membrane health, with ingredients that help transport nutrients into cells, promote brain cell fluidity and stabilize internal cell structure. Lipogen PSPA helps ensure that the brain’s “memory and learning” hippocampus continues to make new cells despite stress exposure.

Lipogen Anxiety and Stress Relief SupplementLipogen Anxiety and Stress Relief Supplement


* A major building block of all cell membranes (phospholipid) abundant in nerve and brain cells and key to cell functioning

* Shown in clinical studies to decrease ACTH and cortisol responses to acute physical and mental stress

* The only dietary ingredient with two FDA qualified health claims supporting cognitive function


* A key phospholipid compound component that is integral to cell membranes

* When combined with PS, PA has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and enhance well-being under acute social stress

* Plays an important role in cell signaling, membrane curvature, and metabolic regulation

* May stimulate increases in muscle size, promote lean body mass and build strength, according to recent studies

About LipogenAbout Lipogen


Lipogen is the creative collaboration between one of the world’s leading brain researchers and talented professionals driven by an intense curiosity of what makes our brain function. Professor Meir Shinitzky and his passionate team founded Lipogen in 1991, bringing to life his visionary insights on optimizing brain health.
Lipogen has come to be the perfect synergy between science, experience and quality – bridging a gap that existed between pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies and nutrition. A benchmark in effectiveness and safety, Lipogen has transformed the industry with groundbreaking research and ever-evolving product discoveries.
A well-kept secret among supplement and food manufacturers worldwide for over 25 years, Lipogen’s quality products are now available directly to consumers.

COGNITIVE RELIEF – Lipogen’s calming supplement promotes healthy brain function and performance. Restores the concentration that stress and nervousness steal away. Keeps you sharp and focused.
PHYSICAL RELIEF – Combat stress with Lipogen’s premium anti-stress formula. Feel more relaxed, arm against stress, and enhance your mood. Add Lipogen’s PSPA supplement into your daily self-care regimen and experience the difference in the way you feel and think!
ONLY POSITIVE EFFECTS – You no longer have to choose between staying stress-free and staying awake! Lipogen’s PSPA brings you big benefits without any negative side effects. NO herbal ingredients that make you sluggish, such as lemon balm, passionflower, hops or valerian.
THE GOLD STANDARD: Lipogen PSPA is the tried and tested Lipogen formula, dose, and quality. Lipogen manufactures all quality key ingredients. Contains NO generic or copycat ingredients. The patented Lipogen PSPA formula is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement whose quality ingredients work in synergy to proactively arm against stress and boost reflexes to help you respond calmly. Replenishes nutrients that help manage stress reactions.


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