The Psychology Of Weight-Loss: Gain Control of Your Weight for Good

The Psychology Of Weight-Loss: Gain Control of Your Weight for Good

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Are you unhappy with your current weight? Have you tried to lose weight but failed? Do you keep jumping from one fad diet to another? Do you try to eat healthily but for some reason you still aren’t the weight you want to be? Does it all seem too hard, and you give up on your weight-loss goals altogether? 

★ Let experienced life coach Andrew Vashevnik reveal the truth behind weight-loss. Having studied and practiced NLP, Hypnotherapy and Philosophy, Andrew will help you uncover the inner workings of your mind, making weight-loss effortless. Through his proprietary concept “The Equation of Change”, he’s helped countless people achieve their weight-loss goals. 

Inside The Psychology of Weight-Loss, you’ll discover:

✓ The Weight-Loss Law – The only proven way to lose weight – and the only thing that matters!
✓ Why the whole weight-loss industry is set up to make you fail 
✓ How natural habit changes occur, and how to make them easily EVERY time
✓ How to lose weight in your own way, so that you feel happy throughout the process
✓ And much, much more 

Andrew’s book The Psychology of Weight-Loss will transform how you relate to dieting forever. It provides a step-by-step guide to make weight-loss easy, lasting and fully under your control. If you want permanent control over your weight, without any fad diets, this is the book for you.

Pick up The Psychology of Weight-Loss and get lasting control of your weight today!



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