Man Sports Lean Ph.D. Bloating Relief and Weight Loss Supplement – Cortisol Support Supplement with Long-Lasting Mood Enhancement Formula

Man Sports Lean Ph.D. Bloating Relief and Weight Loss Supplement – Cortisol Support Supplement with Long-Lasting Mood Enhancement Formula

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Lean Ph.D uses natural ingredients to provide an all-day formula that works with the body to perform it’s best, keeping you feeling happy and healthy! As you eat throughout the day, the nutrients are slowly absorbed and put to use alongside the ingredients within Lean Ph.D.

Enjoy the energy without the crash with natural energy to get power through your day and your workouts. Lean Ph.D provides you lasting energy to not only help boost your mood and energy levels, but also work to speed up your metabolism for peak performance.

The natural anti-bloat formula found in Lean Ph.D is part of why we love this so much! The water drop formula helps to keep excess fluids out of the body, with the help of dandelion root. Stay toned and ripped without the water weight the body naturally stores.

l-carnitine boxl-carnitine box


L-Carnitine Tartrate is used to promote muscular energy and fat burning through converting fatty acids to be used as a fuel source.

ashwagandha boxashwagandha box


This herbal full-spectrum extract is from the root of the Ashwagandha plant and provides benefits like the reduced stress, anxiety, cortisol levels and stress-related food cravings.

naturocaff99 boxnaturocaff99 box


Natural caffeine derived from Green Coffee Robusta provides a smooth, clean energy base without the jitters or crash associated with other caffeine sources.

teacrine boxteacrine box


TeaCrine is a patented compound that delivers smooth energy, laser focus, improved motivated and mood.


Bloating Relief – Reduce discomfort and tightness with powerful ingredients for a natural anti bloating formula. We’ve included ingredients such as green tea and Nelumbo Nucifera seeds which are known to have healthy properties.
Enhanced Mood and Energy – When it comes to weight loss, a proper state-of-mind is key. Ingredients like Vitamin B6 not only help improve your mood, but also helps to boost cognitive function. L-Carnitine Tartrate powder then helps convert fatty acids to fuel your body.
Anti-Cortisol and Adaptogen Complex – Reduce stress levels with key ingredients such as KSM66 Ashwagandha Powder which offer stress and anxiety relief along with cortisol management. The anti-cortisol and adaptogen complex formula put you back in control if your life, giving you peace of mind.
Innovating the Game – In 2004, Man Sports set out on a mission to switch up the game – introducing new and exciting flavors for traditional supplements. With fitness junkies in mind, we’ve continued to develop our line of products, producing only quality supplements and flavors to help keep your routine exciting!



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