Nourish Your Self Whole: A Guide to Core Dietary Pillars, with Achievable Steps for Vibrant Health

Nourish Your Self Whole: A Guide to Core Dietary Pillars, with Achievable Steps for Vibrant Health

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Healthy eating doesn’t have to hurt…

In fact, as described in Nourish Your Self Whole, a healthy diet can satisfy your cravings, fill your belly, heal your body, help you lose weight and change your life.

For many of us, eating a consistently healthy diet can feel overwhelming and complicated; it may even seem impossible.

You may cringe at the thought of giving up your favorite foods or wading through streams of confusing, conflicting data in the hopes of making solid dietary choices. You may even wonder, “Who has the time to become a nutritional expert or the discipline to count every calorie?”

Here’s the good news: You can feed your body the nutrients it needs to thrive without sacrificing your taste for scrumptious flavors, rich and varied textures and portions that allow you to feel full. And when your body receives optimal nourishment, calorie counting becomes much less relevant for weight loss (if that’s your goal).

This is not just a "diet," it's a way of life.

Nourish Your Self Whole will show you how – and explain why — you can still enjoy delicious, satisfying and nourishing foods of surprising quantity and virtually limitless variety, while freeing your body of the worst toxic inputs that are scientifically shown to sap energy, dysregulate mood and sleep, promote weight gain and foster chronic illness.

With this book, you can stop worrying about your dietary heritage and start living your dietary destiny. And importantly, claiming a nourishing diet can be one of the ultimate acts of self love.

It’s not rocket science, but it is nutritional science. In this book, you will learn the key pillars of healthy eating, grounded in the highest quality scientific research and supported by a growing consensus of experts across both mainstream medicine and leading-edge holistic and alternative health disciplines.

The pillars of nutrition outlined in this book are the most highly leveraged steps you can take to transform your body’s relationship with food and see the greatest benefits for your time and energy. You will discover how your body processes certain foods either as helpful partners or agents of disruption, and you will receive clear, specific guidance on which foods and food groups to emphasize, avoid or replace with healthier, delicious alternatives.

In addition to the nutritional pillars presented in this book, Nourish Your Self Whole spotlights key lifestyle and environmental tips for living a well-balanced life, covering topics such as stress management, exercise, sleep, reducing toxic environmental exposures and understanding the deep interconnection between a healthy body and a healthy planet.

Healthy food and lifestyle choices are more than just virtuous habits. They often serve as the magic ingredients that keep our bodies running in optimal form and fuel our return to a natural state of wellness. This book offers you a detailed roadmap to cultivate healing for your whole self!

The anti-inflammatory nutritional pillars within this book are keto, paleo, and vegan friendly.



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