Iron Gummies Supplement with Vitamin C, A, Vitamins B Complex, Folate, Zinc, Multivitamins – Supports Energy, No After Taste, Vegan Friendly – Grape Flavor (60 Ct)

Iron Gummies Supplement with Vitamin C, A, Vitamins B Complex, Folate, Zinc, Multivitamins – Supports Energy, No After Taste, Vegan Friendly – Grape Flavor (60 Ct)

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Product Description

The Vegan Iron Gummy with Multi-Vitamins For Kids & Adults!


A Delicious Way to Take Your Daily Supplements!

We should take a lot of our vital nutrients from our diet, but often we don’t, particularly If we lead a busy lifestyle or simply don’t eat the foods we should. This is particularly important for vegetarians and vegans, or even for people who want to follow a mostly plant-based diet.

An iron supplement in combination with vitamins, folic acid, and zinc can help to top up a diet with the essential micronutrients our bodies and brains need to support better health and well-being.


Simply take 2 grape-flavored BeLive iron gummies as an effective daily health supplement, to assist energy levels and focus. No more swallowing large capsules or tablets!

Chewable supplements are the easiest way to get children to take their vitamins and micronutrients and are suitable for the elderly who may have problems swallowing.








The building blocks of a healthy life, B vitamins are vital to energy levels as well as proper brain and cellular function, and support iron in promoting the growth of red blood cells.

Vitamin C & Vitamin A

Vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) and Vitamin A are essential nutrients and antioxidants that protect against free radicals, maintain healthy vision and support growth and development.

Folic Acid & Zinc

These important micro-nutrients support the role of iron in the body, help our bodies to produce and maintain new cells.


Vegan & Gluten Free

We believe that gummies vitamins are the best way to top up your diet with the essential nutrients and vitamins you need to stay fit and healthy. Not only are they suitable for all the family to take, they’re easily digested and will not cause acid reflux, or exacerbate other problems associated with the stomach.

One of a kind

We are also different from other gummy iron vitamins that use gelatin or preservatives in their products. We use a vegan-friendly pectin base, sourced from

fruits to offer a healthy alternative to ordinary supplements.


Supports Brain Functions

Pectin Based

Vegan Friendly

Supports Iron Levels

What is it?

Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple Cider Vinegar, Melatonin & Magnesium

Probiotic + Fiber

Inulin and Chicory Root Fiber

Turmeric & Ginger for Anti-inflammatory

Vegetarian Friendly

Added Essential Micro nutrients; We’ve added Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Folic Acid, Zinc and Vitamin B complex (B3, B5, B6, B12) to our iron chewable, vital nutrients that your body and brain need to stay fit and healthy, from childhood into adulthood and right the way through to old age.
Grape Flavor; BeLive gummies are the easy way to take a daily dose of iron.
60 Chewable Gummies Supplements; Our BeLive iron gummies for kids and adults can assist with healthy pregnancy, better athletic performance, and energy.
Quality Check at Every Stage; Blending, Processing, Testing, Bottling, Labeling, Follow up testing



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